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Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Nerve Conduction Tests done in 2014 indicated that Carpal Tunnel Release surgeries were needed on both my left and right hand. Although there are some who have bravely had both hands operated on at the same time, I wasn’t comfortable with that. I “tried out” managing with one hand, my dominant right hand, by having my first Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my left hand in May, 2014. I had so little movement and so much pain at the incision site post-surgery, and it took so many weeks to regain strength and the ability to grip with my left hand that I put off having the second Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my right hand for 4 years!

But the compression had worsened symptoms to the point where I would be risking irreversible nerve damage if I continued to delay having the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery. Even though the orthopaedic specialist who did the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my left hand came highly recommended, I requested for a different orthopaedic specialist to operate on my right hand. Just 2 days after the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my right hand was done by Dr Lim Yeow Wai at Raffles Hospital, I am 100% glad I chose to consult him.

While I had to stay overnight at Mount Alvernia Hospital after my first open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, my second open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery was a Day Surgery and I was ready to go home within less then 5 hours post-surgery!

(1) 3 hours post-surgery 2104:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery 2014 1


(2) 3 hours post-surgery 2018:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery 2018 1

In both cases, there was significant swelling immediately post-surgery which is natural. Since my left arm was confined in an arm sling post-surgery, I was not able to keep it elevated above the level of my heart like I was able to for my right hand, so the swelling in my right hand reduced more quickly compared to that in my left hand.

Managing post-surgical swelling helps to speed up recovery and decrease pain. Heeding Dr Lim’s advice, I walked out of the hospital with my right hand raised like I was a student who knew the answer and wanted the teacher to pick me, PICK ME!