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Loss of Use of Dominant Hand

My memories of the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery I had on my left hand in 2014 gave me reason to be concerned about managing the activities of daily living Post-Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my right, and dominant, hand.

I remember trying to twist the cap off my tube of toothpaste. If that was a challenge with the use of only my dominant right hand, I figured it’d be worth investing in a handy toothpaste dispenser:

One Handed Toothpaste dispenser

No batteries required. Very reasonably priced. Came with double sided mounting tape to attach it to the wall. After fitting the tube of toothpaste in, I pressed my toothbrush gently against the lever a few times and that triggered a vacuum suction that spread toothpaste neatly on the top of the toothbrush bristles!


I also remember mealtimes being challenging whenever there was a larger than bite-size piece of food. One week before the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on my right hand, I found out about the “spork”! Actually, the cutlery I ended up buying functions as a spoon, fork AND knife! And there’s even left-handed and right-handed options!!

Left-handed Fork + Spoon + Knife 1

Left Handed Fork + Spoon + Knife 2
Used as a knife
Left Handed Fork + Spoon + Knife 3
Used as a fork
Left handed Fork + Spoon + Knife 4
Used as a spoon


I feel very thankful to the inventors of such useful gadgets & gizmos. The inventor of this waterproof arm cover saved me the hassle of taping a plastic bag around my bandaged hand each time I took a shower:

Post-op waterproof cover


And showers have been aided by long-handled bath sponges that enable soaping of hard-to-reach-with-only-one-hand areas.


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